Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Momentary Diversion into the "Serious"

Well, serious about my MTV!

Are there any up-and-coming music video directors? If you look at all the recognizable "big name" music video directors (the most obvious being represented by their own Palm Pictures DVD collection)—people like Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, Mark Romanek, Stephane Sednoui, and the ultimate hack, Roman Coppola—they all got their start in the mid-'90s (or earlier). For the blacks: think Hype Williams. Who's the current hot thing? Is there one? I'm not sure, anyway, how they would get out from the Jonze-Gondry crusher-hold that seems to have totally destroyed/subsumed any and all images appearing on television in the past ten years. Jump cuts! Non-sequitur techno-psychedelic images! Cheap laughs that cost a lot to make look cheap!

Another thing that I have noticed is that MTV has been running a lot of videos for mainstream pop acts without the director listed. They haven't done that since the '80s, have they? Is this, in its own weird way, part of the Nu New Wave shit? I kind of like to think that it's just because everyone has too much self-respect to attach their name to these fucking lame-ass words.


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