Thursday, August 25, 2005

Monica Ali vs. Pink

I've been telling The Miz for some time now that we can't keep watching these title bouts on HBO. They're too technical, it's all precision. We're talking best-of-the-best pro boxers. What we need is some down and dirty county fair level fights. Probably shot on a Hi-8 camera. No sound.

Last night I got my first taste with some semi-pro women's boxing match. It was Laila Ali (which I accidentally typed in as Monica Ali, author of Brick Lane, whom I would still LOVE to see in the ring) versus some blonde-with-cornrows bruiser. The ring was set up in the middle of, like, a high school football field. The fight lasted five out of ten scheduled rounds, and the bruiser was knocked to the mat four times before the ref finally called the fight for Ali. It was sloppy and kind of annoying to watch, mainly because I kept shouting "break her fucking nose" at the TV and Ali kept ignoring me. It was, in other words, almost perfect. Note to boxing: more blood, please.

Speaking of bruisers...


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