Friday, August 12, 2005

President of the United States of What an Asshole

As you know, my President is on a five-week vacation. It is a difficult job. He thinks about the Iraq war every day.




Motherfucker, I don't get five weeks of vacation. Not even when you add in my sick days. How many sick days does the President get? It's probably never come up before with any other President, but I'm pretty sure this one was like, "[groan] Hey, [cough cough] sorry Cheney, I can't be President today. You can try calling me in the Residence, but I think I'm going to unplug the phone in case you can't get through..." And then he was like, "What's up, Six Flags!"

Seriously, I know it's really tired and everyone already knows it and whatever, but Bush is a real jerk.


Anonymous Gdub said...

look, being president... its really hard work. really hard work.

8:28 PM  

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