Tuesday, August 23, 2005

This Post Is the Hot Whip

I just need to make a quick note of two common expressions for the everyday lexicon.

1. Apparently, back when McCullen, Neilgene, and Spaceham all lived in the Murray compound, Spaceham was confused by the urban slang "hot whip." He thought it was a general term meaning "something good". McCullen has been reintroducing this misnomer into the 1307 parlance, as in "those ice cream sandwiches I bought are the hot whip," or "have you listened to the new Lady Sovereign song I downloaded illegally? It is the hot whip."

2. VH1 has a new "Celebreality" series starring Tara Reid called Taradise. I have no idea what this show is about, I don't care what this show is about, and Tara Reid is a cunt, but what a name! Now, whenever you and I go on a date, or when you come up to my room to "listen to some music," I will say "Welcome to Workadise!" but with my real name. If it's not the first time I've invited you up, you will hear me sing either "I've got/two tickets to Workadise," "Just another day for you and me in Workadise," or "Take me down to the Workadise City..."


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