Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Byeeeeeee Brother #3116. Hieeeeeeee Mischa #3116

Brother #3116 moves to the Big Snapple today.

Byeeeee. Okay...okay byeee. Yeah, b--byee. Byeee.

Meanwhile: I am four balls deep into the second season of FOX's hit drama The O.C. Four balls deep is not so deep, and I've been managing my emotions pretty well so far. I will admit, though, that on Thursday, when I was getting ready to watch the first episode, a stentorian, Gandalfian voice kept repeating a pre-battle pronouncement in my head: So it begins. I will also say that it took all of four seconds to remember that Mischa Barton is the worst actress in the history of actresses. I've never seen a hotter woman give a less convincing line delivery in my life outside of the pornography industry. Luckily for her, I don't care, so the wedding is still on...she's 18 this year, right?


Anonymous ok tiger said...

mischa's acting is inspired. could you scream AND throw a lounge chair in an infinity pool at the same time? COULD YOU?

5:19 PM  
Blogger Worker #3116 said...


9:06 AM  

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