Friday, September 23, 2005

The Company I Keep

Australia-This-Australia-That: Where are you?! I've been waiting here, all ready to go for, like, fifteen minutes.
Worker #3116: Ha ha. Very cute.
Australia-This-Australia-That: Seriously.
Worker #3116: I do not know what you are talking about.
Australia-This-Australia-That: ...
Worker #3116: ...
Australia-This-Australia-That: Let's go out!
Worker #3116: No.
Australia-This-Australia-That: You don't want to go out?
Worker #3116: No. What's going on on Saturday?
Australia-This-Australia-That: Saturday?!
Worker #3116: Yeah, I'm not going out tomorrow either, so what's happening Saturday?
Australia-This-Australia-That: If you're not going out tomorrow, you should really be going out tonight. Besides, I'd feel much safer with you driving in all this rain.
Worker #3116: Right. Me too.
Australia-This-Australia-That: What would the 17-year-old Worker #3116 be saying right now? He'd be saying "let's party!"
Worker #3116: Do NOT throw the 17-year-old Worker #3116 in my face.
Australia-This-Australia-That: Why not? He's my buddy!
Worker #3116: We are not talking. I don't like him.
Australia-This-Australia-That: Oh.
Worker #3116: He's a jerk.
Australia-This-Australia-That: Well I don't know how I feel about Grampy Worker #3116.
Worker #3116: It doesn't matter how you feel about him, Grampy Worker #3116 is not going out tonight. Or tomorrow night.
Australia-This-Australia-That: If I make you a shirt that says "Grampy" on it, will you wear it?
Worker #3116: Yes.
Australia-This-Australia-That: Every day?
Worker #3116: No.
Australia-This-Australia-That: Once a week?
Worker #3116: Once every two weeks.
Australia-This-Australia-That: Oh...once a day?
Worker #3116: Once every two weeks.
Australia-This-Australia-That: Will you keep a calendar.
Worker #3116: No, Australia-This-Australia-That. I've never kept a calendar of when I wear my clothes, and I'm not going to start now.
Australia-This-Australia-That: Oh...
Worker #3116: I'm getting off the phone now.
Australia-This-Australia-That: Why?
Worker #3116: Call me Saturday.
Australia-This-Australia-That: Let's go out!


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