Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Dog Nap

I like to take little power naps, like five minute naps, right before I get ready for work. Sometimes I like to take them in the afternoon, too, but especially in the last five minutes of freedom in the morning. But sometimes I can't tell if I've actually fallen asleep or not, it's so light and short. This morning, though, I was absolutely certain that I was asleep because when I woke up I had this interior dialogue:

Worker #3116: I wonder if I was asleep?
Worker #3116: Oh, you were definitely asleep!
Worker #3116: How do you know?
Worker #3116: Because, you know that white bull-dog with sensitive pink skin growing in a patch over his right eye that you were just talking to?
Worker #3116: Yeah.
Worker #3116: ...
Worker #3116: ...
Worker #3116: ...
Worker #3116: OH! I was totally asleep!


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