Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Donate Now to the Elimination of Future Generations

I donated 50 dollars to the American Red Cross, but I earmarked my donation to specifically go towards the reconstruction of the five abortion clinics that were destroyed in the storm. Either Columbia Christians for Life were wrong, and the hurricane didn't look like a six-week-old fetus as it came barreling in to kill thousands of people who have nothing to do with abortion and destroy the lives of tens of thousands more, primarily disenfranchised minorities who could give a shit about the "culture war," in which case my payment will successfully say "Go fuck yourselves, Columbia Christians for Life." OR: Columbia Christians for Life were right, and God wanted the streets to run with the blood of the condemned in repayment for the blood of the innocent, which they would drink if only they could get the courts packed with the type of Jew-loving, liberal activist judges they so admire, in which case my payment will successfully say "Go fuck yourself, misguided, vengeful God." Either way, the real winners are the future teenage pregnancies with nowhere else to turn. I did it for you, babies with babies.

You, too, can help!

UPDATE: My confirmation email informed me that I have 30 days to demand a refund of my donation. Hear that, proselytizers? You have 30 days to convince me that your corrupt moral system is in fact whole and that you are not a bunch of self-involved, self-righteous, ignorant fucking assholes. You know where I live.


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