Monday, September 12, 2005

"Hit the Road, Jerk, and Don't You Look Berk!" or "Weekend #3116"

Ladies, what did you drink on Friday? You were so out of control. It was very exciting, and made me very nervous. I woke up on Saturday afternoon and was like, "I may have drunk five beers and half a pitcher, but WHAT WAS GOING ON WITH THE LADIES?" All weekend long, that was what guys talked about. So, congratulations, you did it. Just when I thought you could not surprise me anymore, you surprise me anymore.

Before we saw you go crazy, though, was the part on Friday that McCullen reminded me of last night, when we were sitting at an outside table at a gay bar, listening to Gwen Stefano's "Cool". This was the part where McCullen said "I heard this song was written by New Order, but it's not," and Worker #3116 said, "It's actually a pretty good song," and Krameron said "I like it, too." AT A GAY BAR. BECAUSE APPARENTLY WE ARE OFFICIALLY GAY.

Saturday goes without comments.

But also did you know this: McCullen and Worker #3116 are the most beloved of the Country Joe's checkout line? No matter what cashier rings us up, if we do the shopping together we always get some new fan. Our banter is so scintillating, so fresh, that it makes the Country Joe's want to rip off their Hawaii and go out with us wherever we are going. We take the party when we go.


Anonymous mccullen said...

i know we're cool.
da doo doo da!

8:50 PM  

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