Monday, September 26, 2005

How Low Can You Go?

There is a carnival for charity at my work today. It is in a windowless conference room. They have "prizes," and there was a magic show. Clown Coffee and I were very excited about the magic show, but then we saw the magician, who looked like an extra from some movie about Alcoholics Anonymous. It would be called Rock Bottom. Also: there were five chairs in a row facing "the stage," with no one sitting in them, and the magician barking into his neck-rophone "We're going to get started with the magic show, everybody!" at the three people milling uncomfortably by the door. Clown Coffee and I were very hungry so we just went to lunch. I'm still a little worried that we will regret this decision for the rest of our lives.

Anyway, on the way back from lunch we passed by the carnival and the magician (who was wearing a shiny red vest) was DANCING, and another man was DANCING WITH HIM. He was calling out moves into his neck-rophone, like "Two to the right! Now move to the left!" They then went on to do the YMCA, and the macarena. I just heard the magician yelling "Two-man limboooo!"

My boss said that she felt bad for the magician. I explained that you can feel bad for the guy cleaning the toilets...that maybe that guy didn't have a lot of opportunities growing up. But no one runs out of options and becomes this dancing clown in a shiny red vest with a fist full of silk flowers. If anything, you should feel bad for that fucking guy who was dancing WITH the magician. That man had an infinite number of choices and elected abject public humiliation.

That reminds me.


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