Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Is the Problem That he Doesn't Have Time to Consult a Rhyming Dictionary Before He Gives Public Remarks?

We all love Kanye, and I don't think that there's any real problem with his "outrageous" comments from last week except that they were overly circumscribed. Dude, Bush doesn't care about black people, but it's not a racist thing. That guy doesn't care about any people. I mean, the man wants to electrocute the tards.

But my point is, we all love Kanye, but someone tell that guy to shut up.

"'I just feel like America's always been pushing the [impoverished] under the counter, trying to act like it's not really there,' he said. 'And what happens if you're cleaning the kitchen and you're always dusting something under the counter? If you spill something, it's going come up and be in your f---ing face.'"


I, for one, have never found that dusting something that had spilled under the kitchen counter ever caused anything to come up and be in my f---ing face. What does Kanye have in his kitchen? Lemurs? Admittedly, if I spilled a lemur in the kitchen, I would not be surprised to find that dusting provoked it to come up and be in my f---ing face.

'Next time, listen to Kanye!'


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