Thursday, September 22, 2005


I was driving in a car yesterday, listening to NPR radio, and this story came on about how a pair of original ruby slippers from Wizards of Oz were stolen. They talked to a man who runs a Wizard of Oz museum, where the shoes were on-loan. First of all, that there is some weird, creepo man running a Wizard of Oz museum is bad enough, but they asked him how people felt about the disappearance:

"People are devastated. That morning, when I came in and got the call that the shoes were missing, I mean, I was just heartbroken."

That was good for a laugh, but this was even better for one:

"Oh, Oztoberfest is going to happen. No one can stop us at this point."

Oztoberfest. It is the festival that this pervert is running. They wouldn't quite detail what would happen at Oztoberfest, but my best guess is that it involves this guy sitting alone in his darkened room, masturbating into a shoe and angrily hissing "Who's the coward now, Cowardly Lion? Take it! Suck it!"


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