Monday, September 12, 2005

Please Join Me in a Moment of "Pon de Replay" for the Victims of the Tragic Events of 9/11

Has you heard the "Katrina Mix" of Green Day's "Wake Me Up Before You September-September"? I've heard it three times now, and I am horrified each and every time. If you have not been cursed with a listen, it's basically the song, but anytime Billy Joe Green Day isn't singing there are audio clips of refugees crying and newscasters talking about dead bodies and stuff. It's grim, macabre, and exceedingly manipulative. Here was my favorite part, though, from last night:

Radio DJ: That was the "Katrina Mix" of Green Day's "September Song." You can really feel that one. It's been getting amazing response ever since we started playing it. And you know, today is also September 11th, so we should take a moment to remember the lives lost on that tragic day. Here is Rihanna's "Pon de Replay."


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