Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thanks for the News, Jews

It's weeks like this that sort of boggle my mind, media-wise. On the one hand, there is only so much you can report on the hurricane crisis. In fact, there's a little less you can report on it than is actually being reported. I'm saturated with stories about the hurricane crisis (GET IT?!) At the same time, the articles in today's New York Times about Hilary Duff's Anti-Authoritarianism, Dorm Life, USA, and My Old Haircut (I was the one in the blue plaid t-shirt, but with a little more hair in the back and a little less Mexican in the front) come off as more than a little bit..can I use the word gauche?

"Thousands Feared Dead"
"Worst National Disaster in American History"
"President Declares State of Emergency"
"This Is Not Your Father's Bundt Cake (Recipe Inside)"


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