Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Toronto Burning


Toronts was an unmitigated success. You should know that my only mitigation for failure is death, so it is rare that a trip does not pass my test, but still: we live another day! Rolling up with two Asians and Jew was very Toronto Burning, though. It does not help that Ti-1000 has a bit of a mouth problem when under questioning, as in:

Border Patrol: Where are you staying in Canada?
Ti-1000: Actually, I don't remember. A hotel.
Border Patrol: Why are you going?
Ti-1000: We're going to see a concert.
Border Patrol: Where?
Ti-1000: I don't know.
Border Patrol: What kind of music is it?
Ti-1000: I guess it's indie rock. I mean, there's some pretty heavy influence from New Wave and even just some straight-up sunshine '60s pop, but mostly it's modern...contemporary. I don't know, "modern" and "contemporary" are both such weighted terms at this point, you know? Like you've got modern rock, and it's not that, and there's adult contemporary, which it's not either...


This happened on both legs of the trip, and it happened privately, without the suspecting oversight of the Border Patrol, on the arms, torso, and head of the trip. I'm pretty sure Canada hates us, because Canada did not want to make out at all.

Also: I bought sunglasses.


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Blogger Worker #3116 said...

Keep pushing me and I'll learn how to post video on the internet. Peach, Plum, Empearrassment.

I am still mad at you for turning off that profile on Avril.

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