Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Who's Next, Kangaroo Jack?

Mom #3116 has built a career out of helping high-risk teens get back on track towards a college education. These are generally youths with alcoholic and/or incarcerated parents, poor social skills, mild sociopathic tendencies, and a history of physical and mental abuse. This is a wonderful service Mom #3116 provides both her students and the community in which she works, but it also leads to an interesting habit. Every time that we see a movie in which someone has a drink of alcohol, goes to jail, or raises their voice, she will say "Oh, [Character] really reminds me of one of my kids." This was fine, until:

Mom #3116: He really reminded me of some of my kids at school. Especially when he would have those violent arguments with himself.
Worker #3116: Mom...Seriously...Golem did not remind you of your kids at school*.
Mom #3116: Yes, he did!

*I just told this story to Clown Coffee, trying to stress the disbelief in my voice when I revealed that it was Golem who reminded my mom of kids at her school, but Clown Coffee has never seen LOTR. So I sent him that picture and he said, "Oh, he reminds me of my old roommate." Am I missing something? Is Golem just the great cipher into which all our dreams and fears are poured?


Anonymous actionmeme said...

perhaps she deals with feral children at school.

5:38 PM  
Anonymous lazerwolf said...

Golem reminds me of Sandra Day O'Connor. See here:

4:04 PM  

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