Thursday, October 27, 2005

Comic Book Marriage Is Between One Superman and One Wonderwoman

Before he becomes a lame-duck President, if he isn't one already, I urge President Bush to pass a constitutional amendment protecting the sanctity of comic book marriages. Look at what has been happening in comicville!

The Flash's wife, Iris, was killed by Reverse Flash.
Metamorpho's been forcibly divorced from Sapphire Stagg.
Aquaman's wife Mera went insane and tried to kill him.
Adam Strange cheated on Alanna and then she died.
Red Tornado planned to marry Kathy and adopt Traya; then he became an air elemental.
The Phantom Stranger and Black Canary (after years of cheating on Green Arrow) broke up.

I had to learn this from the internet, of course, because the mainstream LIBERAL media won't report on it. How am I supposed to teach my children, when I have some, about the superpower of the institution of comic book marriage when these homosexual comic book writers perpetuate a godless and utterly un-American Communist agenda?


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