Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Frodo Fossilins of the Deadshire

It's like life imitating nerd-based internet chat-rooms imitating life imitating nerd-based internet chat-rooms.

Q: Is there any other kind of chat-room?
A: Yes, sex-based internet chat-rooms. Filled with nerds.

My favorite part:

"The bones have enchanted many anthropologists who have come to accept the interpretation of these diminutive skeletons marooned on Flores with dwarf elephants and other miniaturized animals, giving the discovery a kind of fairy tale quality.

But a vocal scientific minority insists the specimens are nothing more than the bones of modern humans that suffered from microencephaly, a broadly defined genetic disorder that results in small brain size.

Nevertheless, the researchers prized with the landmark discovery beg to disagree. 'If that were the case,' argued Dr. Harold D. Kendrik of Oxford University, 'how then to explain the location of the bones, which were found atop a bed of faerie wings and orc bones?'"


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