Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Heart-Smart Laughs

Try this on one of your co-workers, it seriously works!

Worker #3116: Hey, Clown Coffee, I'm sure you got the email that's going around, and I just want you to know that I totally don't think that you have the biggest butt in the building.
Clown Coffee: What email?
Worker #3116: You know, that email. The one where you can rank who in the building you think has the biggest butt. You got number one, but I totally think that's bullshit.
Clown Coffee: I didn't get it. Send it to me.
Worker #3116: I deleted it. I said "I'm not going to be a party to this. This is unprofessional, and Clown Coffee is my friend." I didn't even vote.


Clown Coffee: Were you making that thing up earlier about the email?
Worker #3116: Yes.
Clown Coffee: Good, because I don't have the biggest butt in the building. I've been looking around, and I've seen some pretty big ones.
Worker #3116: I'm putting that joke on my diary, and telling other people to use it. It works.
Clown Coffee: It totally works. It might even motivate me to lose some weight in my butt...which I've been working on.


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