Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hot 97,000 Pornos

In the age of the iPod, it can be difficult keeping up with the day's monsterest jamz. My solution has been to check out the Hot 97 website, where they have a "playlist" that updates once a week, and then proceed to illegally download the songs with no monetary remuneration going to the artists for their work. Since most Top 40 hip hop stations have about three songs on heavy rotation, it is easy to keep up with, at the very least the hottest, tracks. This morning, I was illegally downloading the new ones, and did a search for Twista feat. Trey Songz "Girl Tonight." Someone's entire porn collection became available for download, including:

Office Girl Gets Severe Massive Facials
Severe Mistress Tormenting a Poor Blonde Girl
The Guy Fucks the Little Girl
We Call This Perfect Watersports for a Girl
Hidden Cam Recording Redhead Pissing Girl on Yard
White Girl Pays Dude the Clams She Owes for Her Car
Very Flexible Girl Stuffing Her Pussy by Spray Can

And my favorite:

Pretty Girl in Jeans Peeing in Snow

The best thing about these titles is that they raise many more questions than they answer.


Blogger s. badazz said...

the only question that they raise for me is "do i have enough memory on my HARD drive?"

12:18 PM  

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