Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I Would Like a Venti Frappalattecino, Skim, and a Slice of That Lemon-Iced Body of Christ Wafer

Harriet Miers. Valerie Plame. Karl Rove. Patrick Fitzgerald. Scott McClellan.

There is an article in today's USA about an upcoming quote in Starbucks' new line of quote-cups that will feature God in it. (Incidentally, did anyone else notice when these cups first came out this summer that there was one with a quote from David Cross? I was like "WHA?" and then I was like "David Cross should stick to stand-up, edgy sitcoms, and writing pithy articles for Vice because his coffee cup work is just not that funny.")

So, then there is this:

The cups carry a disclaimer that the opinions "do not necessarily reflect the views of Starbucks."

What views? Starbucks has views? It is our belief that you should buy our coffee. As far as I understand, that's the only view they are promoting. That, and the view that anything that's worth doing is worth doing on every corner, with caramel in it.


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