Monday, October 03, 2005

Is It Just Me, or Does Harriet Miers Look Like an Evil Bird Bent on World-Domination, Disguising Herself as a Human?

Worker #3116: He should have nominated that lady, the one who's the first female head chef at the White House, or whatever.
Clown Coffee: What's her name? Like Consuela Vargas Llosa, or something.
Worker #3116: She's blazed trails in the kitchen, and now she'll blaze a trail on the bench.
Clown Coffee: She respects recipes...and the constitution.
Worker #3116: Ha ha.
Clown Coffee: Meester Boosh--
Worker #3116: Oh no.
Clown Coffee: Sank you for de nohmination.
Worker #3116: No.
Clown Coffee: ...
Worker #3116: ...
Clown Coffee: I make you e special cake.


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