Friday, October 14, 2005

It's the '90s, Brah!

It was realized at lunch that '90s references, particularly '90s SNL references, are very "in." Here are some things that you can say to your friends and colleagues to appear "with it."

Wayne's World! Wayne's World! Party time! Excellent!

Do I make you horny, baby? Do I?

We are here to pump---you up!

Well isn't that conveeeeenient.

Roger, the rogernator, rogertronix. Now presenting the musical comedy of Rogers and Rogerstein. Mr. Roger's neighborhood. Makin' copies!

I love hats. I love'emIlove'emIlove'emIlove'em.

And now, for the first time in your life, people think you are cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As if! What's with the passive construction meant to eliminate my selfitude? This is Clown Coffee. "It was realized"? Try: Clown Coffee DECREED that only '90s vintage humor is cool now! Thank you! Please!

[With two fingers making goalposts in front of my face:] Stay the course; a thouuuuusand points of light; not gonna do'it. wouldn't be prudent...

8:08 PM  
Blogger Worker #3116 said...

1. Actually, if you will hark back a few months to summer, 2005, McCullen and I were making Austin Powers references all over the place. "Oh behave!" It was when you were making '90s SNL references at lunch that "it was realized," by virtue of it happening on separate occasions under very different circumstances, that it was "in." So, I was merely trying to spread out the credit, as you will notice that I did not say "I realized."

2. Selfitude?

8:28 PM  

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