Tuesday, October 25, 2005

R.I.P. Rosa Parks, T-M.I.P. Classic Crazy, P.I.M.P. 50 Cent

Stevil: Rosa Parks just died!
Worker #3116: That is too bad.
Stevil: And I want to know what Classic Crazy text-messaged you.
Worker #3116: It was just [redacted].
Stevil: Oh.
Worker #3116: That's what was missing? After months of not answering her calls, that's what she thinks I was waiting for?
Stevil: She figured it was time to see her feelings in text. Although, I guess she was emailing you, too?
Worker #3116: No, she hasn't emailed me in a long time.
Stevil: Oh.
Worker #3116: She realized that her words weren't playing well on the big screen. She needed the intimacy of the small screen. And it's so impersonal to read these things at work, but this, this was a message I carried around in my pocket!
Stevil: Close to your heart.
Worker #3116: Close to my thigh.
Stevil: Close to your pennies, your chapstick, and your thigh.
Worker #3116: Exactly.
Stevil: Well, I think you should wear a black arm-band to work.
Worker #3116: Don't you mean an African-American arm-band?


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