Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sorry, You're Just Over-Qualified

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Veteran senators and aides said they could not recall another occasion when the committee had sent back a nominee's answers to a questionnaire because they were incomplete. Former Senator Daniel R. Coats of Indiana, the administration's appointed guide for Ms. Miers on Capitol Hill, defended her answers in the Senate questionnaire as a work in progress.

"From the very first, Harriet Miers told Senator Specter that she had years of files to go through and that there would likely have to be a follow-up on some of the questions," Mr. Coats said. "She's more than willing to diligently provide the information as soon as possible. As you know, it's mountains of information."
(New York Times)

This is very cute. Two hundred or whatever years into our country, and the only nominee to the supreme court whose answers are deemed insufficient and "insulting" are those of Harriet Miers. Even the ones who were deemed unsuitable for the court at least got the questionnaire right. Is it because she is a bird-faced hack in a purple suit from Filene's Basement circa 1988? NO! If anything, she is TOO experienced. She has so much experience that she doesn't even know where to begin. If her nomination doesn't go through it will be because she is too smart, too qualified, and too intelligent for the post. And too good a bowler.

This blatantly sexist need for "answers" is why the LIBERALS will NEVER ALLOW a woman to sit on the Supreme Court.


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