Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ba Na Na Na... Hey! Ba Na Na

I always found those "Where Are They Now?" shows kind of sad. First you see some glorious spandex-laden homosexual metal-head, on top of the world playing to sold out stadiums in Czechoslovakia, fake vomiting on his audience and carving his name into his perversely adolescent looking chest, and the next thing you know he's taken on work as a high school math teacher, wearing a shapeless button-down plaid shirt tucked into his chinos and cinched up with a woven leather belt and talking about how much better he feels physically since he started a macrobiotic diet with his skeletal looking, physical therapist, redheaded wife.

But I always liked the segments that would showcase, say, a glam-rock icon in his heyday, and then ask the obvious question of where was he now, only to come up with the answer: Pursuing a life of sexual tourism in Southeast Asia.

And I'm all like, I can't believe it worked!


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