Thursday, November 10, 2005


Terrorist bombs ripped nearly simultaneously through three popular hotels in Amman, Jordan, on Wednesday night, killing at least 57 people and wounding more than 100. Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the attack, although that claim has not yet been verified. Jordanians, who suffered the majority of the casualties, were outraged by the attack. So outraged and infuriated that they took to the streets with unchecked, impassioned...glee?

(New York Times)

Did the photographer run out of film right as he got to the demonstration? This is the only picture? I mean, it looks less like a protest against Muslim-on-Muslim violence, and more like a high school pep-rally....FROM 1992, CHECK OUT THOSE CLOTHES! AM I RIGHT?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meh. So people react differently to horrific tragedies.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous mccullen said...

who said that? matt stern? who else in the world types "meh"? what does that mean?

11:35 PM  

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