Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Blue Lunch vs. Red Lunch

Worker #3116: I see what you're saying, but it's a false moral component. If the pro-life groups think that the ending of any human life is so awful, then they should be dedicating at least a fraction of their time and resources to helping end any of the dozens of humanitarian crises that are occurring in the world at any given time where fully conceived people with their own ideas, families, and histories are dying. It's like vegans. They don't want to give money to the evil animal-exploiting corporations, but they still smoke and drink? As if tobacco and alcohol manufacturers aren't as bad or worse than honey farmers? The truth is that the pro-life movement doesn't give a fuck about poor brown people.
Clown Coffee: What you obviously don't understand is that the human population is dwindling.
Worker #3116: ...
Clown Coffee: There are actually more abortions now than there are babies born.
Worker #3116: Ha ha.
Clown Coffee: What if Rosa Parks had been aborted?
Worker #3116: Ha ha.
Clown Coffee: Huh? You newspaper...limousine...yogurt slinging...liberal jerk?


Blogger CosmicMojo said...

clown coffee must not be v. good at math.

2:09 PM  

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