Monday, November 21, 2005

Commitment Ceremonieds: Usher & Omarion: Season One

[In the morning, Usher is perplexed and not a little displeased to find the seat has been adjusted in his Mercedes Benz. Later, when he returns home from the recording studio, he confronts Omarion.]

Usher: Did you borrow my car?
Omarion: What?
Usher: The Benz, did you borrow it?
Omarion: I can't hear you sweetie, I'm in the kitchen.
Usher: Sweetie nothin', did you borrow the fucking Benz?
Omarion: I hate when you yell like that.
Usher: I'll give you something to hate. What's wrong with your car, that little Lexus I got you for our anniversary?
Omarion: Usher, honey, I didn't borrow your Benz.
Usher: That sandwich better be for me.
Omarion: Of course it is.
Usher: Alright.
Omarion: What crawled up your butt this morning?
Usher: You mean besides you?
Omarion: Ush! The cameras!
Usher: I don't care. Come here, give me some sugar.
Omarion: I'm so caught up.
Usher: Let me hear you say "O."

[Next week, Usher finds out it was his manager who borrowed the Benz when Usher was laying down a track and complaining that if he didn't get a venti gingerbread frappaccino in, like, three seconds he was going to rip the assistant PA's head off and cum down his throat.]


Anonymous trevor said...

--Omarion is BANGING i just wanna tear off his clothes and rape him

--i dont know who told you that omarion is gay, but he got too many girls jockin up on him to be gay. omarion is soo fine, and if i only knew where he lived, i would rape him myself. just look at him!


--omarion, he is a sweetheart! i mean he just has a look of a little puppy, when u see him u just want to pick him up and strangle him! i dont mean it in killing him if thats what u are thinking, lol he is nice, ohh im sorry, i was meant to say GOOD LOOKING!

5:55 PM  

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