Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'm a Tough Nut to Bust

You know how people refer to certain celebrities (either b-,c-,or d-list celebs, and Brad Pitt) as being "down-to-earth"? Now, here's what confuses me: the people who are down-to-earth are the ones who don't mind when some totally unknown stranger who's clearly a little drunk and probably has bad breath and is very into Trey Anastasio's new solo album grabs them on the street and forces them to listen to a long-winded story about how their dad is in the hospital but it is benign and how they were really worried but now they are not, and it's movies like Along Came Polly that really get them through the day, you know, so, like, thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH. If the celebrity does not punch this person out, or give them $100 to piss themselves, then they are down-to-earth.


a) FUCK THAT! I will loan the celebrity 100 bucks for your public humiliation.
b) It is the same thing that fans rail against, i.e. not being down-to-earth, that makes a celebrity a celebrity.

No one has ever been famous because they were just basically an all-around decent guy who really liked to listen. It's about being better than you. Better looking. Better paid. Better dressed. Better smart. Better talented. Better in bed. Better funny. I was thinking on the drive to work today about how it would be pretty rough going if I ever got famous because I don't even like talking to/listening to/being around people right now! It's kind of like how I can't ever be on reality TV. One joke about African lip-plates and FGM and your edited into the mysoginistic racist villain.


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