Friday, November 11, 2005

Jimmy Kimmel Ruined AIDS

Slate: Do you and Jimmy test out material on each other? Did he have any hand in your movie?
Silverman: Oh yeah. Definitely. He's on ABC, so he'll come up with jokes that he couldn't possibly use. And if it's something I think I can use, I will absolutely take it. I don't feel like it's going to give me some kind of identity crisis.
Slate: So, what did you pilfer in the film?
Silverman: You know what's his? Lemon-AIDS. ["When someone gives you AIDS, make lemon-AIDS."]

Reading that really reminded me of the elementary school joke where you make someone say that they are a "homosapien" and then make fun of them for being a "homo." Except that instead of a homo, I'm a guy who thinks a Jimmy Kimmel joke is funny, and that might be even worse.

Or maybe it's like seeing your parents have sex. (Wait, which is grosser: seeing your parents have sex, or seeing Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman have sex? Pick the one that is grosser, and imagine that.) I don't know. The metaphor for this experience is escaping me, but whatever it is, it's bad, and I'll never be able to hear what should be a quality AIDS joke the same way ever again. I'll always be like "that AIDS joke was funny, but I bet Jimmy Kimmel wrote it. Fuck Jimmy Kimmel."


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