Monday, November 14, 2005

So Deeplessness, Put Your Ass to Sleeplessness

This morning, McCullen was up. He did not sleep it up last night. He did not sleep it up at all. Maybe he was too jazzed from having baked bread last night? I don't know. So he joined me for my breakfast-time MTV Jams. We saw the new video for the Youngbloodz, "Presidential." It featured the Youngbloodz on a re-election campaign. I guess eventually there won't just be one black president, but two, sharing the office together. And white people, it is your worst nightmare. There WILL be ho's in the oval office. There WILL be weed at dignitary functions. But you know what, I guess you love it, because Youngbloodz easily swept their way into a second term, helped largely by the dirty south.

McCullen: I hope that this energizes the youth to care about voting again. But I fear that they will be disappointed when they get to the polls and find out Youngbloodz aren't actually on the ballot.

During a very important meeting in the oval office, one official presented President Youngbloodz with a pie chart. It included:

40% Education
20% Taxes
15% Unemployment
15% Chillin'
10% Prison

They ran their successful campaign on a platform initiative entitled: "In America We Get Crunk." And their victory song was so bumpin' even the bland white Republican who ran against them could not help but dance the funny way old white men dance, with a bunch of balloons in his hand? His campaign was built on balloons, which I think is why he lost.

Then we saw this song called "Shake That Laffy Taffy" by D4L. We tried to think up other potential hits:

"Shake That Lick'em Aide"
"Shake That Charleston Chew"
"Shake That 100 Grand"
"Shake That Tropical Starburst"

Then McCullen went outside to smoke his first cigarette of the day. Or is it the fourth cigarette of yesterday?


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he has a mandate to stop activist hoe-ma's.

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