Thursday, November 17, 2005

Stock Up Now on Tamifloverdue

I saw a banner ad on this morning for a Citibank credit card that said "Have You Been Inoculated for Overduenza?" The word "overduenza" appears menacingly out of all these amorphous black dots, you know, like how plagues appear menacingly out of amorphous black dots. Then a pronunciation key appears under "overduenza," and it is defined as a "Virus brought on by missing credit card due dates."

I know that Citibank is just doing their best to capture the eye in a world over-bombarded by flashy advertising, but I really think they're going to regret this ad when the Asian Bird Overduenza Pandemic of 2005 strikes and 50 million Americans die from overdrafts and staggering late fees!

Who's laughing now, Citibank? Besides Jesus and Tab Cuddyre?


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