Monday, November 28, 2005

Voke It Yo?

Setting aside the fact that it seems just a wee bit too 1996 to write a "legalize marijuana" club banger, can someone please teach Sean Paul English now that he is in America. I know that it can be overwhelming to live in a country where there are no cats and the streets are paved with cheese, but seriously, THIS IS JUST THE OPENING CHORUS:

Just gimme the gees an we be clubbin yow.
Gal a make wi please and we be thuggin' now.
sippin hennesy an we'll be bubblin yow.
Set we mind at ease we got to take it slow.

Just gimme di dees an we be clubbin yo (clubbin yo)
It a mek we please an we be tuggin yo(tuggin yo)
sippin in deh sea an we bubblin yo (bubblin yo)
Set ya mind at ease we gotta take it slow

Just gimme di trees and mek we smoke it yo (Smoke it yo!)
It a mek we peace so dont provoke it yo (Voke it yo!)
We nuh need nuh speed so we nah nuh coke it yo (Coke it yo!)
Set yuh mind at ease we gotta take it slow


On a kinder note: I do like the video for this song with all those trucks in the desert. It makes me laugh. They had a meeting and Sean Paul was all like, "mek we need a yo in deh sea?" and someone else was like, "Sean Paul is right! This song address a basic human need. The need to soup up some semis with explosions of fire and the gayest neon lights, drive them out into the desert, and dance! And we need a video that's going to really evoke that." And Sean Paul was all, "Des it goan be!"


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