Thursday, November 03, 2005

Worker #3116's List

I'm sure it's old and everyone else has already played it and won, but I've got a new favorite game. It's called post fake "missed connections" and "casual encounters" on craig's list.

Missed Connection:

Amoco? More Like Amore-co! - m4w - 25
Date: 2005-11-02, 8:22PM EST

I saw you last night, filling up your forest green Ford Fiesta (I think it was forest green, it was dark out.) Your car had a Le Tigre bumper sticker, and a that dog. sticker it looked like you had tried to peel off. You were wearing too much lipstick, but in that intentional way that is soooooo hot.

I was in a black hoodie, filling up my own car, a blue 94 Toyota Corrola. You looked up, and there was the kind of spark that could have set the whole place ON FIRE IN AN EXPLOSION OF FIRE! I had a copy of Burn Collector #9 in my pocket. Do you know what that is? I bet you do!

Girl: contact me. What do you think this is? True love only happens once you contact me.
this is in or around Amoco

Casual Encounters:

Score Big at the Arena - m4ww - 27
Date: 2005-11-02, 8:33PM EST


This is your big chance! I'm serious! Get your friends, the good looking ones, and meet me at the Arena. I will buy you each however many drinks you want, UP TO 3 DRINKS!!! Afterwards come with me to my place. It is a very nice place. Bring your suits. That's right: HOT TUB PARTY!!!

I've got a lot of frozen food in the freezer for if you get hungry.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it won't last long. This Thursday, Arena Bar. Meet me between 8 and 11. No Mexicans.
this is in or around Arena Bar.

The best part about this game is everyone's a loser.


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i love that game.

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