Friday, December 02, 2005

Further Off the Deep-End into Tragedy and Loneliness

This is the one where I take Trustkill Records' description of crap-metal band Bleeding Through's new album, "The Truth," and replace all references to the band and their album with references to me and my gay on-line diary, because this is how I would like to be thought of:

The pain, frustration, and despair of the preyed upon and forgotten have been fashioned into a sharpened point on Worker #3116's landmark new gay on-line diary, "Corporate Casual." Skeletons come forth from the closet, secrets are revealed, and broken promises arise from dirtied earth.

Faster yet more melodic, heavier yet more accomplished, more precise while even further off the deep-end into tragedy and loneliness, Worker #3116's gay on-line diary is a trend-proof middle finger toward the glut of over-saturation that threatens to destroy a scene this diarist helped to build.

"Corporate Casual" is Worker #3116's defining gay on-line diary. Stripped to his core, laid bare, like the artwork suggests -- putting everything on the table with such naked honesty and painful catharsis his body threatened to fall apart from the weight of the boiling passion he's laid to record.

There are leaders and there are followers. When all of the so-called movements in underground gay on-line diaries catching the "buzz" right now are over, expect to see Worker #3116 standing tall, with integrity, honor, and spirit intact. To the victor the spoils!


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