Thursday, December 01, 2005


If there is any one movie that I think best crystallizes the AIDS crisis in metaphorical terms, it would have to be Gremlins. Think about it:

1. Mogwai become gremlins if they are fed after midnight.
Unprotected sex often occurs after midnight, and probably so does a lot of intravenous drug-use using someone else's works!

2. Mogwai and gremlins multiply if you get them wet.
The AIDS virus multiplies in the blood-stream, which is wet!

3. Sunlight kills mogwai and gremlins.
AIDS cannot exist for any extended period of time outside the human body, i.e. in the sunlight!

4. Gremlins are green.
Green monkeys!

If you are to extend the metaphor to its logical conclusion, you would discover that mogwai represent the good kind of AIDS, while Stripe and his gang is regular, or bad, AIDS. And the scene in the swimming pool is Africa.


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