Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Lonely Unit

I had a dream last night that I was at a hotel and in one of the downstairs rooms of the hotel a gang of people including some of my friends and some of the kids on my karate team were about to fight 50 Cent and his posse. I told them I would fight 50 Cent with them, if I could get warmed up first. So I warmed up and then we fought 50 Cent and stuff, and it went pretty well. So then there was a five minute break for everyone to rest and then we fought them again, and we won again. But then during our second break I noticed that a lot of 50 Cent's crew had pulled out their aluminum baseball bats. I told my team that I just was not about to go fighting with some baseball bats. They said that we could take them, and one of my karate buddies reminded me of the weapons training we had done, particularly this move where you strike the shoulder and the forearm at the same time to make the attacker's arm go numb. But still I was like, METAL BATS ARE YOU CRAZY? Anyway, I left and as I walked by the windows of the room the fight sounded really brutal and awful, but as it turns out my friends won, and then everybody was sitting by the pool and 50 Cent and his buddies were like "We weren't really going to hit you with baseball bats, this fight was about honor and respect." But I couldn't sit by the pool because my friends totally ostracized me for not fighting against a weaponized G-Unit.

I hate dreams where your friends get mad at you.


Blogger pony said...

see. it's shit like this that makes me realise this whole blog is nothing but lies.

"my karate team". OOOOOkay.

6:20 PM  

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