Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Oregon Tail

I just read the expose in the New York Times about kids who make hundreds of thousands of dollars starting their own child porn websites. (Lucky!)

I remember I used to try and make real money at the Oregon Trail trading post, but there was only so much you could get for a barrel of salted pork and a musket. And you could never count on repeat customers because they either got cholera and died, or broke an axle wheel trying to ford a river on the way to meet you.

This is my favorite part of the article:

Or, as an adult who called himself DLW wrote: "Did a sexual predator MAKE them make a site? No. Did they decide to do it for themselves? Yes."

Poor sexual predators! Poor, poor sexual predators! Kids can be so cruel.


Blogger s. badazz said...

my favorite part: On the screen, a message appeared that Mr. Mitchel had signed off. The arrest was over.

Justin thrust his hands into the air. "Yes!" he shouted.

11:48 AM  
Blogger Worker #3116 said...

That part is so good. Also good:

"the road to cyberporn stardom was paved with cool new equipment"

12:49 PM  
Anonymous mccullen said...

"The business has created youthful Internet pornography stars - with nicknames like Riotboyy, Miss Honey and Gigglez"




4:09 PM  
Blogger s. badazz said...

yeah, where's xOmG*FaG*BoIx?

4:18 PM  

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