Thursday, December 29, 2005

Party Like It's April 29, 1992

There was a story on NPR last night about a brutal mob beating in Milwaukee. Basically, there was some party in the street and a guy honked to be let through and 30 people dragged him from his car and beat the shit out of him. It was reported that while the beating was taking place, MUSIC WAS TURNED UP.

I've never really been to Milwaukee, although I dated this girl for a little while whose sister was a second assistant cameraman on a really famous indie film called "No Sleep Til Madison." Anyway, for spring break of that year we went to Madison to visit her sister "on set" and then we flew to New York and then we broke up. But the more important part is that we rode through Milwaukee on a shuttle to the airport and I remember thinking that it looked really fun with all of the dirt and factories and raw sewage in the river and I actually thought about moving there for awhile. Now this story makes it into the national conscience and I'm thinking "Fuck, now it's going to be impossible to realize my dream because the yuppies are going to be all over this. Fucking gentrifiers." You know what else sucks? When the girl you're dating has a totally smoking older sister who's actually closer to you in age and is the second assistant cameraman on a really famous indie film called "Just Kidding No One Ever Saw No Sleep Til Madison."

I did like the part of the NPR story, as usual, where no one wanted to talk about the giant African-American elephant partying in the middle of the street and beating up a dude.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"giant African-American elephant partying in the middle of the street and beating up a" black dude

4:26 PM  
Blogger Worker #3116 said...


Oh, wait, I get it. You're saying why don't we just let them kill each other like the animals that they are. Totally, dude.

For a second I was confused.

4:36 PM  
Anonymous trevor said...

what struck me was how they acted like "oh, we're just gonna assume you know the races of the victim/perps in this story. because you're racist like us. or no, actually, we're going to pretend that that's not important. because we're color-blind. well, either way works."

but then it was actually a surprise that the victim was african-american because, i don't know, the media doesn't usually bother with black-on-black crime? (why now? i'm really thinking it was the "party atmosphere." if it was a "serious" brutal beating of a fifty-year old african american, it doesn't get national coverage. but if it's a "serious" beating of a white, it does. party beating? coverage all around. but what about a white-on-white party beating? the mind boggles.)

5:15 PM  
Anonymous brother #3116 said...

Once a crime is considered sufficiently brutal, it's newsworthy regardless of the races of the victim/perpetrator, e.g. Lionel Tate and Tiffany Eunick, the white teacher killing two black kids in a hit-and-run in Tampa, etc. It's in what we think of as "ordinary" homicides or assaults that there's a bias in (not) reporting the incidents.

5:37 PM  
Blogger the Alpha John said...

If this was such a note-worthy event in history, Sublime would write a song about it too. Who cares that Bradley is dead?

11:26 PM  

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