Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Penny for My Thoughts

I'm just sitting here thinking about that part in Showgirls when that black guy approaches Nomi Malone on the dance-floor at a club and asks her to dance, and she's like, "Are you any good?" and he's like "Yeah, I'm good!" And then starts busting all these super-gay moves. And I'm thinking about how gay it is to bust overly fancy moves on the dance-floor, but also how great it is to get all cocky and contentious over how good of a dancer you are. "Yeah, I'm good! Fuck you! DANCE UP IN YOUR FACE! HOW YOU LIKE THIS? YOU LIKE THIS DANCE? FUCK YOU! DANCE! DANCE! NNH! NNH DANCE!"

What are you thinking about?*

*I don't care.


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