Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Trendwatch 2005

I just got an email from Herb #3116 suggesting that we invite www.lasnightsparty.com to the New Year's Eve party. You know what that means: Herb #3116 just gave www.lastnightsparty.com the "I'm Rick James!" touch of death.

Look out, Cobrasnake! You're about to get on my stepdad's radar!


Anonymous mccullen said...

is anyone in the world besides you able to translate this post?


3:49 PM  
Anonymous dcapril said...

anyone who waits in suspense for every friday when gawker posts blue states lose to catch a glimpse of how retarded you have to dress to achieve true hipster status and then hates themselves for making fun of their parents for wearing big ugly woody allen glasses and cheesy logo apparel because they are apparently coming back in style will get it.

oh. just me?

4:13 PM  

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