Monday, December 19, 2005

The War on Christmas: Operation Deadbeat Père

I called Deadbeat Père on Friday to let him know that his only son would be coming to see him on Christmas Eve, after 15 months of barely speaking to him. He returned the call yesterday to let his only son know that he would be TOO DEPRESSED for Christmas.

If you have been following the Deadbeat Père saga, then you know by now that he is, indeed, a fifteen-year-old girl.

My favorite part of this was when he said "I would be terrible company right now." Because, you know, it implies that there are times when he is not terrible company.

Anyhow, Christmas is cancelled, everybody, because a fifty-three-year-old man can't get his shit together. We won.


Blogger the Alpha John said...

If Deadbeat Père were here right now, I'd kick him right in his depressed pussy.

4:12 PM  

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